Jim Henson With Bert


Being good to each other is so important, guys.

Wristcutters: A Love Story (2006)

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I Talk Out Loud Like Youre Still Around

It’s a god awful feeling to know you have to get used to not seeing someone again.

"And I miss you
I’m goin’ back home to the West Coast
I wish you would’ve put yourself in my suitcase
I love you
Standin’ all alone in a black coat
I miss you
I’m goin’ back home to the West Coast”

These Soles Are Useless Without You

You know that moment when you are laying with someone and you start to look at them for a little bit. Noticing their breath. The little sounds they make when they sleep. The way their body breathes life into itself. Then they wake up and look at you. And they move in closer. They wrap themselves in you. And you both drift together..

I want that moment but all the time. Not specifically laying in bed or anything like that. No, I want the moment when your eyes meet and they realize that at this very second there’s nothing more important to being here and closer to you.

I want to live in that little moment for as long as I can.

I want to revel in the notion that anyone would want to feel closer to me.

But you can’t live in moments. Time moves. But you should spend your entire life trying to find and feel that moment over and over and over and over and that’s when you know. When you find someone that you can’t imagine that tiny little moment without. That’s when you’ve found where you’re supposed to be.

" Now, I’ve walked through hell for you,
What’s an adventurer to do
But rest these feet at home with you”

Milhouse: The King of Broken Hearts

Milhouse: The King of Broken Hearts